Florida International University

Herff Jones takes pride in creating college graduation rings for students and graduates of Florida International University. Reward yourself with a symbol of excellence by selecting the Florida International University ring which suits your style, experience and achievement.

image of example Florida International University rings

It's Time to Order Your FIU Ring!
The following discounts are currently available:
$30 OFF 10K Use Code: FIUS30
$50 OFF 14K Use Code: FIUS50
$100 OFF 18K Use Code: FIUS100
Deadline to receive your ring prior to May 2024 Commencement is 2/24/24.
You will receive your ring at a Special Ring Delivery Event – Details to Follow

If you would like order your ring in person, please call the office at 305-271-6769 to make an appointment.

Please Note: Other discount codes will not be honored even if they are accepted during the checkout process.