Cookies and Javascript Are Required

You have arrived at this page because your browser was found to be rejecting (blocking) cookies and/or javascript at a place when they are needed.

What Are Cookies

A "cookie" is a small piece of information which a web server can store temporarily with your web browser. This is useful for having your browser remember some specific information which the web server can later retrieve.

As you browse the web, cookies are stored in your computer's memory. When you close your browser, any cookie that hasn't expired is written to a cookie file so they can be reloaded next time you visit that web site.

A cookie file is not a secret way for a web server to find out everything about you and what you have on your hard drive. The only way that any private information could be in your cookie file would be if you personally gave that information to a web server in the first place and it decided to put that information into your cookie file for some reason. Also, each cookie is marked with information about what web server it's for. There is absolutely no way for a web server to get access to any private information about you or your system through cookies, and there is no possible way that a virus could be spread through the use of cookies.

Why Cookies And Javascript Are Required

This web site uses cookies and javascript to improve your viewing experience. They allow us to give you a more robust user interface which is the means by which you interact with the content on the web pages. (Examples of this include window resizing and tab panes.) Cookies are also required for the shopping cart to work. They can be used to tell you what is new since your last visit and to store your login information so you don't have to enter it on each visit.